Sleepless in Seattle

Where to begin on my trip to Seattle?

Perhaps I should begin with the nostalgic feeling that overwhelmed me as I exit the plane into a dark and starry night in Seattle, well known for being covered in a rainy mist. The movie with Tom Hanks pops into my head and I pretend he narrates my arrival with his voice, agh I love his voice. 

I was looking forward to my trip to Seattle, being that sometimes you just get that itch to travel, to go somewhere new. I found myself there on a whim, from one day to the next. I mentioned my plans to my lovely amiga Elisha, and she hopped on board to come along. We made it a certified girl's trip, very much needed. 

Something about me, I love spontaneity

And I loved that she jumped on board. 

So our journey begins, we visit the highlights of the city starting with the Space Needle. A stunning view overlooking the city and an earth-shattering cold that pierced through my skin. Okay I may be exaggerating, obviously I'm not one for the cold haha. Nevertheless, the trip up the Space Needle is totally worth it.

Next up, the Pike Place Market. My incredibly intelligent cousin took us to see all of the fishy things Seattle natives are up to... Basically they love creative crafts, flowers on deck, weed (lots of it), and throwing fish in the air. I can dig it. 

 My cousin & I

My cousin & I

One of my favorite things to do in Seattle was our visit to the Experience Music Project Museum. Otherwise known as the EMP Museum. As a music enthusiast, this was most certainly a highlight on this trip. Not only was I fascinated with all of the decorated rooms filled with memorabilia of some of my favorite musicians, but I also enjoyed the hands-on activities they had to offer. Such as being a drummer in my own band ("Hello Kitty Coalition" in the house!)... Mind you, I have no idea how to drum but pretending is nice.  


One of my favorite guitarist, singer and songwriter,  Jimi Hendrix, was showcased at the EMP Museum. I loved these doodles by him- a fellow doodler.  I long to hear the musical notes emanate from his guitar from the pulse of his fingertips. Alas, possible only in my dreams. 

 Jimi Hendrix doodles

Jimi Hendrix doodles