Cosmic Pyramids


I’m obsessed with all things cosmic. Add a little bit of history and you have the recipe to make my curiosity everlasting.

During my visit to Mexico City, I went on a journey to Las Piramides de Teotihuacán (Pyramids of Teotihuacan) which were located nearby, otherwise known as ‘‘el lugar donde los hombres se convierten en dioses”. These pyramids were once home to the Aztecs, although the area had been abandoned for centuries by people who remain a mystery to this day. There are three pyramids which were once inhabited,  El Pirámide del Sol (The Pyramid of the Sun) as well as la Pirámide de la Luna (Pyramid of the Moon) and la Pirámide de Quetzacoatl ( the Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl). The alignment of these pyramids appear identically aligned to the pyramids of the Giza Plateaux. Both sites clearly reflect the alignment of the three stars of Orion’s Belt! Mind blown.

Even though Astronomy is and has been studied by humans for many centuries, we continue to know very little about the universe. It amazes me to find that ages ago many cultures had such a grasp on astronomy, elaborately figured out to perfection. The astronomical alignments of the pyramids are particularly unnerving for their accuracy.

Who was here? Why here? Where did you go?

Mexican legends have many stories to tell about what happened, but we will never truly know… what I do know is the stairs to the top of the pyramids are no easy climb.


Piramide de la Luna

One of the largest pyramids in Mesoamerica, third largest in the world. The stairs are extremely steep and narrow forcing you to climb sideways with no where to hold on.. So don’t look down! Nearby folk also mentioned to dress in white and charge your crystals at the top.

Piramide del Sol

Mural of el Puma

The Mural of the Puma was discovered in 1963. The paint was found to be closest to its original form. Amazing! Centuries old and you could still see the reds, greens, blues used to paint such a powerful figure. Paint which was created completely naturally… Blood for reds, plants and flowers for blues, greens and yellows.

Patio de los Pilares

Archeological Zone & Ruins

As we continue to explore, we learn more about the stars, planets, and galaxies. Some of the things we find out are amazing, and others are confusing. Nevertheless, is always fun to explore!