Pop-up Care Village by LavaMae

Recently, I had the opportunity to volunteer at a Lava Mae's women-centered Pop Up Care Village in San Francisco’s Mission District. It was the first ever and a unique experience.

Madison Reed was approached to host their own Madison Reed Hair #HelloBeautiful Color Transformation Station for underprivileged women in SF at their upcoming Women's event. I got to join my team at Madison Reed and get to know the background of some of these ladies while I colored their hair. 

Stories of their travels from far countries, their home-life, their family-life, their aspirations and life goals. The strength of some of these women truly shined through as they told me their story of how they lived through abuse, lost everything, their homes and the difficulties of being homeless. But it is in the perseverance to continue life and keeping hope that this too shall pass.

I shared some of my life story with them, and as they listened in, I was given words of advice that I have kept near to my heart. In all honesty, I didn't do much except share my time and do what I enjoy, hair. But to some of them, it was a rejuvenation of the self, it was a moment to feel amazing and forget the trials and tribulations of life and a chance to have bomb ass hair, I mean who doesn't want that? 

Madison Reed is such a great company to work for, I continue to be impressed with their attention to detail and keeping the core values of the company close to heart. I'm proud of the Color Crew team I work with and loved watching them paint beautiful hair! 

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Lava Mae’s Mission:

Through our Mobile Hygiene Service, Pop-Up Care Villages and buildIt toolkit, Lava Mae brings critical services to the streets, delivered with Radical Hospitality, to restore dignity, rekindle optimism, and fuel a sense of opportunity. Our audacious goal is to unleash a Radical Hospitality Revolution around the world.

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