Valerie Von Sobel

A woman of vibrancy and class.

Recently, I came across a video of a fascinating woman by the name of Valerie Von Sobel. She caught my eye with the art in her fingertips and the delicacy in which she treats herself at 76. The level of care she has for herself proves to be timeless and everlasting. 

I was enchanted with the words she spoke, her tips on beauty with elegance, and by the way she spoke, with a twist of french. Enabling me to foresee into the future and know that one day, I hope to exude such a timeless beauty too. 

As a philanthropist, she is Founder and President of the ASRL Foundation in honor of her son Andre Sobel, whom was diagnosed with a malignant and inoperable brain tumor. Valerie Von Sobel is a recognized public speaker on the subject of caregiver support, a trained Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), a charter member of the Women of Washington/Los Angeles, the Music Center’s Blue Ribbon Society, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, The Council of Women World Leaders, and a founding member of the Women’s Foundation of California’s Donor Circle. She has been honored and awarded as a woman making a difference for her philanthropic vision.


Valerie Von Sobel first discovered her passion for art and talent for the process of assemblage accidentally. Her medium is assemblage / sculpture, and she hopes that her expression will find favor. Working with shape, space, balance, texture, and odd materials to create dreamt one-of-a-kind assemblage and mixed media pieces.

She debuted her collection of two dozen provocative and quirky objets d’art titled, “The Curious Art of Valerie von Sobel” at Voila! Gallery in Los Angeles, followed by other exhibits and group shows, i.e. at the Santa Monica  Museum of Art, Thomas Schoos Night and Joannes Lucas Gallery as mentioned on her website. 


“Beauty alone used to inspire me in its myriad forms and expressions,” noted von Sobel. “But what has changed is that my eyes opened to perceiving objects differently…I now see the possibility of combining a caliper, a twisted root or a faded embroidery with a leaf or an insect. Many mundane objects once intermingled become so much more then the sum of their parts; they gain a new and superlative life…as have I.”


The Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation