Mi nombre es Karla Maria.

I am the founder of Wild Women and Flowers. As a 28 year-old Feminist Mexicana based in San Francisco and an eternal student of love and life, I strive to share my voice as I stand for what I believe in. Human Rights, environmental-centered consciousness and celebrating women unapologetically in all of their real, raw glory.

My journey began as I took my first breath of fresh air when I found my voice as a woman and as a survivor. My greatest struggles have become my greatest strengths and I aim to share with the world my mission as a progressive woman breaking barriers. Building confidence, gathering knowledge and being pro-active as a Medical Advocate for SF Women Against Rape as well as a board member on the Advisory Panel for Planned Parenthood is part of my path as I pave my own way.

Art will continue to be the center of my heart and my love. I have been specializing professionally as an artist in the beauty industry since 2009 when I founded my own artistry company, J'Adore Beauty. With passion, hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit, I have been awarded Bride's Choice, published in magazines, and became Beauty Expert and Editor for Votive in 2011. However, being in the beauty industry has taught me one thing and that is the importance of self-love.

"In a society that profits from your self-doubt, loving yourself is a rebellious act." -Unknown

In light of spreading positivity, I am sharing the essence of my life which is my work with a twist on women empowerment. #girlpower